no. 1 - Kodiak Commune

Lured to the Bear Commune (Book 1 of "Kodiak Commune"‪)‬

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An all-expenses-paid year-long weight-loss study to test some miracle drug sounded good at the time. Drink the tea, work the fields, get extra ‘exercise’ nightly in bed with an assigned lumberjack? But Miranda Zane wants the two doctors in charge. They aren’t supposed to consort with patients, but they, too, feel the pull. Miranda has no idea she’s falling for two bear shifters.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“Are you two beautiful ladies looking for the Perfect Weight Seminar?”

Miranda started at the unexpected deep voice of a man with a thick Russian accent. She wheeled around and caught her breath at the sight of him, and grabbed onto Samantha’s arm for support as her knees buckled beneath her. Directly in front of them stood the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen: tall with chiseled features, a broad forehead, and short, black cropped hair. His eyes shone as they seemed to stare right into her soul.

Did he just call us beautiful?

A glint of metal on the lapel of his expensively cut gray suit caught her eye. Miranda focused on the small gold and black pin, then recognized the design of two snakes wrapped around a winged staff. A tingle of nervous excitement fluttered through Miranda.

She’d just graduated top of her class in Nursing School so she recognized the Rod of Aesculapius, the symbol of the ancient mythical god of medicine.

“Thank you, Doctor…?” Miranda said, surprising herself that she could speak at all.

“Doctor Andrei Fedorov at your service.” He looked right at her. “To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?”

Miranda bit her lower lip. “I’m Miranda Zane,” she finally managed, although her voice was far breathier than she’d wanted.

She put her hand out, trying to be professional.

The doctor took her hand, but instead of shaking it, he gently turned it over and placed a delicate and warm kiss on the back of her hand, his eyes never leaving hers.

Miranda felt a whimper forming deep inside. It took all the strength she had to hold it in. No man had ever shown her such attention.

“Miss Zane, the pleasure is all mine.” His voice sounded like satin. Miranda felt her knees failing.

“Steady, girl,” Sam whispered in her ear.

Miranda maintained her footing.

“I’m Samantha,” Sam said in a bold, confident voice. She kept her hand by her side. “You were going to tell us where the seminar is?”

“Dr. Fedorov, a word please?”

Miranda turned around and saw another man entering the hotel. He was standing waiting for Dr. Fedorov to come to him.

“Please excuse me, ladies. I need to speak with my colleague, Dr. Rockwell. Will join you shortly, just go down the hall to the Pine Room.”

Sam started to walk in the direction Dr. Fedorov had indicated. But Miranda was still staring at the two men.

“You coming?” Sam asked.

Miranda lifted her foot up and shook it, then hobbled over to a nearby bench. “Got something in my shoe. I’ll be right there. Go save us a spot in line.”

Sam headed off, and Miranda pretended to shake out an imaginary pebble as she watched the two men behind the veil of hair she’d allowed to cover her face. They were arguing about something, but she couldn’t make out the words.

The first doctor was tall, dark, handsome, and sophisticated. The second doctor was rugged, bearded, tattooed, and built like a mountain. Her mouth watered, and her body heated up. She tried to calm her breathing, and grasp what the hell was going on.

A moment later the two doctors hurried by her. She felt an almost uncontrollable urge to pounce on the two men and rip off their clothes.

She’d been ambivalent before about this strange weight-loss seminar, but she wasn’t ambivalent anymore. Somehow, someway, she and Sam were going to get accepted into this program, and she was going to go to Alaska and be close to those two incredible doctors.

She had to! It was as if it was her fate to go.

14 avril
Boruma Publishing, LLC

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