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Lycanthrope Rising: The True Story Behind the Vampire-Werewolf Wars is Book II in The Toronto Vampire Chronicles.
The horror thriller follows the events in Late Bite, Book I in The Toronto Vampire Chronicles, but carries a storyline that works as a stand alone mystery.
Lycanthrope Rising moves at pulse-pounding speed following the arrest of Dragul Mangorian and tracking the public reaction that he’s the last of the Homo Sanguinus, a race of vampires. The event awakens an ancient and terrifying enemy, The Lycanthrope Clan.
The Lycans are a special breed of humans whose mastery of technology, animalistic ferocity and alliance with wolves saved mankind from enslavement by the Sanguinus.
The violent clashes of the Sanguinus and Lycans over millennia populated the lore in every culture on Earth with their legends of blood suckers, werewolves, and shapeshifters.
The wars ended after the Lycans learned of the Sanguinus' secret vulnerability, a low fertility rate, and used it to drive the Blood Eaters into extinction, or so they thought.
Mangorian's capture in Toronto raises him to celebrity status as the ultimate 'bad boy' in Toronto, a city that champions diversity and minority rights — even those for someone who's not quite human. The Sanguinus enthusiastically agrees to work with scientists who want to unlock secrets held in his genome. He's 208 years old and is immune to cancer and blood borne pathogens.
In exchange, the scientists give Mangorian genetic and fertility support to help him revive his species. His quest shifts into high gear when he discovers Skyla whose one-in-a-billion First Nations genome makes it possible for her to become the Eve to his kind.
The Lycans' blood lust explodes and won’t be satisfied until they complete the extinction of the Homo Sanguinus.
The rich and powerful Lycans recruit former playboy Tim Gracey and his stripper girlfriend to lead murderous forces that will stop at nothing to keep Mangorian and Sklya from mating.
Lycanthrope Rising is part medical mystery, part horror, part action adventure, part sci-fi, and 100 per cent a page-turning thriller.

Policier et suspense
1 octobre
John Matsui

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