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The book Making Mathematics Practical (published by World Scientific in 2011) proposes a new paradigm in teaching problem solving in secondary school mathematics classrooms. It is a report of the research project “Mathematical Problem Solving for Everyone” (MProSE), which attempts to provide all the necessary resources for teachers to teach problem solving in schools. This book reports as a follow-up on the actual enactment of the proposed MProSE problem solving curriculum in five Singapore schools. The experimental schools, which span across the entire spectrum of all Singapore secondary schools, report how they tweak the MProSE proposal to fit into their school curriculum, together with issues, challenges and success stories in implementing such an innovative curriculum in Singapore schools. It is an ideal handbook for educators who believe in problem solving as the core of mathematics curriculum and who wish to implement such an approach in their schools.

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Chapter 1: Mathematical Problem Solving for Everyone: Infusion and Diffusion (361 KB)

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Contents:Mathematical Problem Solving for Everyone: Infusion and Diffusion (TOH Tin Lam, TAY Eng Guan, LEONG Yew Hoong, QUEK Khiok Seng, HO Foo Him, Jaguthsing DINDYAL, TOH Pee Choon)Mathematical Problem Solving in Temasek Junior College (YEO Chiu Jin, HSI Han Yin, Jonathan LAU Wee Lip, HO Foo Him)Mathematical Problem Solving in NUS High School (Grace TAN Kok Eng, Joyce SEOW Chwee Loon, TAN Boon Keong, TOH Tin Lam)Mathematical Problem Solving in Tanjong Katong Girls' School (CHEONG Chui Chui Hilary, Grace LEE Yun Yun, TAY Eng Guan)Mathematical Problem Solving in Jurong Secondary School (TEO Oi Mei, MOHAMED Faydzully On Bin Mohamed Razif, OOI Wei Yong, Simranjit KAUR, TAN Siew Hong, Jaguthsing DINDYAL)Mathematical Problem Solving in Bedok South Secondary School (Kavitha THAVEN, LOH Jia Perng, Samuel GOH De Hao, LIM Ming Ming, LIM Yih, Kavitha BUTHMANABAN, QUEK Khiok Seng)Another Step Towards Mathematical Problem Solving for Everyone (LEONG Yew Hoong, TOH Tin Lam, TAY Eng Guan, TOH Pee Choon, QUEK Khiok Seng, Jaguthsing DINDYAL, HO Foo Him)
Readership: Mathematics educators, school teachers and other facilitators.

Science et nature
4 septembre
World Scientific Publishing Company

Plus de livres par Yew Hoong Leong, Tay Eng Guan, Khiok Seng Quek, Tin Lam Toh, Pee Choon Toh, Jaguthsing Dindyal, Foo Him Ho & Romina Ann Soon Yap