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The Billionaire's Pregnant Assistant
Connor McClellan knows the worth of a woman. At least in business dealings. Which is why he depends on Rosalie Bridges, the outreach manager from his Aspen office, to pose as his girlfriend when he woos a potential client. Connor's next client represents the only business he's ever lost. Gaining them back would make his record perfect. He assumes that Rosalie is available—only to find that she's pissed off at him and pregnant…with his baby. Their hookup at a previous business meeting was the hottest of his life, and now it's the most complicated, too. Still, they need to fake this relationship to land the deal. But Rosalie isn't interested in playing along.

Rosalie has loved Connor from a distance for years, and always thought she'd get her chance to impress him when he came to Aspen. After they'd hooked up, she thought she was making headway, but when Connor sent carnations along with a generic note and didn't call till he needed her again, she decided she was done being used. But as business and pleasure become further intertwined, Connor realizes for once in his life he'd like this fake relationship to be something more. If the two of them can pull this off, they may land the deal, and a lifetime of love.

The Billionaire Chef's Baby
Covered in tattoos, sarcasm, and muscles, Arthur McClellan is the best thing to come out of the kitchen since sliced bread. A billionaire from birth, his trust fund hasn't stopped his drive to achieve his dreams of celebrity chef status. However, a dying wish from his mother has caused him to pivot his aspirations. Instead of being the "bad boy," he now wants to join the ranks of the happy chefs of the Taste Network. But the network doesn't trust him alone. They want a romantic interest: a perfect, bubbly wedding planner to soften his edges. Arthur's not mad when they pick a wedding planner he'd had a single, very passionate night with. In fact, she just might be the cherry on top of his food show cake.

The Billionaire's Ward

Vane McClellan is all business. He might come from money, but he's worked hard to make his architecture firm one of the top in the country. But things have slammed to a halt in the wake of becoming guardian to Annabelle, his late cousin's daughter. Vane fears Annabelle may need more than he can give her.

Maggie Stewart, Annabelle's teacher, cares deeply for her students but likes to live footloose and fancy free. She's about to move—again—but not before she gets Annabelle settled. They've grown close since the girl joined her class, and now Maggie has one final job: drop Annabelle off at Vane's summer home.

When Maggie gets stranded at Vane's vacation home, she gets a chance to see Vane vulnerable. The sight of a strong man doing his best in the face of new fatherhood melts her heart. When he asks her to stay and nanny Annabelle for the summer, Maggie agrees in hopes that she'll be able to teach Vane how to be a father before her new job starts. Vane is happy to have someone he trusts to shepherd his young ward. As the three begin to become a family and Vane and Maggie give in to the passion that's plagued them from day one, they'll let themselves be something both have feared for a long time: happy. Vane and Maggie will have to decide if they want to follow their hearts...or their plans.

28 juillet
Relay Publishing

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