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Are you in doubt? You are yet to confirm if you are in perimenopause? But the sign and symptoms you are having are pointing to perimenopause... about to get to 40?  Sign and symptoms that include night sweats, irregular menstruations, sleep disorder, vaginal dryness, mood swing, hair thinning, irritability, hot flashes etc., are what you are experiencing.
You are approaching 40 and afraid of so many things that may likely affect your health.... cancers, diabetes, gaining weight just to name few. There are some sign and symptoms that have been showing their ugly heads to you that made you to question rational behind those symptoms.
These signs and symptoms bring about some critical question that has to be answered. Such questions include;
What is perimenopause?
Is there any difference between perimenopause and menopause?
What age does perimenopause start?
What are signs and symptoms of perimenopause?
What are clinical and non-clinical tests to discover if an in the perimenopause?
How can i relieve myself of the symptoms of perimenopause?
What is HRT (hormone replacement therapy)?
Is HRT safe option?
Is it possible for women during perimenopause to get pregnant?
Are there any risk factors to certain diseases during perimenopause?
Are any natural foods to relieve symptoms of perimenopause?
This guide will shed light and answer some questions about menopause, symptoms of perimenopause and how to alleviate the pains, what dietitian recommend about menopause, best foods to eat when on perimenopause and foods to avoid.
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