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History is full of politicians, leaders, CEOs, and other personality types that build their own success, careers, and fortunes to get others to follow where they lead. In many cases, this is harmless with people supporting a person because of their genuine interest in their platforms and running points or vision of the future. In other cases, human history shows the dangers of individuals with social influence, particularly when they are given power (or seize) power over others.

So how can they be extremely successful? It goes without saying that, the art of psychology plays an important role in their life process to achieve their goal and get wealthy. They know badly about how they influence other behavior. Want to be like them? Then, read this book.

This book helps you understand more than just the basics of human behavior. It takes you on an in-depth journey that explores the darker recesses of the human mind and provides insightful practical steps on how to build up your mental defenses against such. You will learn:

-Fundamental facts about dark psychology

-How to recognize and separate truth even when it has been masked masterfully in a web of lies

-Aspects of your day to day life that makes you vulnerable to the manipulations of others

-A five-step program to help you break free if ever find yourself a victim

-How to protect yourself from the influences of dark psychology

-If you or any of your loved ones have suffered emotionally or are currently living through a nightmare that is directly related to the inherent dangers of dark psychology, this is a book you want to read. And even if you are simply curious about how dark psychology works and would like to know how to protect yourself, this is a book that breaks down this complex phenomenon in the simplest terms.

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19 octobre