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This story is a vanilla mirror of ''Monster Hunters: My brother's Succubus''

Tyler and Misty are monster hunters. They're investigating a string of murders, when Misty wakes up to find her partner fucking an unknown woman in their hotel room.

When she realizes the woman is a Succubus, a demon who lures men into bed and kills them, it's already too late and Misty is captured and forced to fuck Tyler.

This isn't exactly how Misty had imagined it, but she'll take what she can get...

This 5100 word story features a virgin girl finally getting what she wanted, having her cherry popped by a monster hunter, with some monster killing action thrown in. It contains messy blowjobs, face fucking, cherry popping and rough anal fucking.


She motioned to him and he moved closer. His cock went into my mouth and before I had a second to adjust, she pushed my head against it. It hit the back of my throat and I gagged, almost throwing up. I looked up, tears running down my eyes. Tyler wasn't seeing any of this. I tried to pull away, but she was holding me perfectly still, cock buried in my mouth with no room to move or breathe. Then she pushed more, slow but steady. Tyler’s cock went in my mouth, down my throat. I felt it enter it, making it bulge around his fat cock. This isn't how I had imagined this happening, but fuck it. I got what I wanted in the end. Maybe it was a punishment, for wanting something and not going after it.

Romans et littérature
15 septembre
Jenna Black

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