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Monster in the Mirror is the story of mirror twin brothers, identical, yet opposite, a rare subset in twins. One brother is right-handed and the other is left-handed. One boy is outgoing while the other is painfully shy. Charlie Drummond is a gifted, natural athlete; while Eddie Drummond is merely average. Charlie graduates at the top of his class and is given an athletic scholarship to an Ivy League college. The two brothers have a fight and Charlie leaves home. Eddie Drummond stays home to care for his recently widowed mother. He doesn’t see his brother again for nearly twenty years.

Charlie returns to Hibbing when their mother passes away, but he is no longer Charlie. He now goes by Charles and he’s made quite a name for himself as both an author, and the host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show. Five days a week, Charles touts the virtues of the conservative political movement. He’s married to Lilly Drummond, a supermodel, and together they have two children.

Eddie is worried about seeing his brother after so many years. He is married to July, a waitress, and they also have two children. Politically speaking, the two families could not be further apart. The brothers agree to look past their considerable political differences, and the funeral seems to put an end to the bad blood between them. Soon, the two families are forming bonds and Charles confides that he and his family would like to spend the summer in Hibbing. They have grown tired of the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple and with Eddie’s approval, he would like to rent an office in town and broadcast his show from there. Despite his reservations, Eddie gives Charles his blessings.

When life intervenes, the two families find themselves facing the same dilemma from opposite ends of a political chasm. Tempers flare and the hatred is rekindled as the impasse leaves them on a battlefield with no middle ground.

This emotionally-charged tale tackles the issues of the day and takes a hard look at the blatant hypocrisy (on both sides aisle) of the American political system. Monster in the Mirror is a hard look at some of the most sensitive topics of our time.

Policier et suspense
16 mai
Nicholas Antinozzi

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