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From July to September 1921, Minnie Grace Frey accompanied Alonzo and Alice Munger and their daughter Stella on an automobile trip to California. The Mungers were visiting three of their children (Tina, Edna, and Lewis) who were all married and living near Los Angeles. For Minnie, it was her first opportunity to venture west beyond the flint hills of eastern Kansas.

It is obvious from the letters Minnie exchanged with Ward Clarke Griffing during her journey that they were engaged to be married, though no date appears to have been set. Minnie’s extended absence settled that matter. Minnie wasn’t gone for more than a couple of weeks before Ward realized he couldn’t live without her any longer. He missed her especially on Sunday’s – the one day of the week they customarily spent together.

According to Janet Anders -- Stella’s daughter -- Mrs. Munger purchased the Buick they took on this journey with her own money and did all the driving. The route taken to California was through Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. After seeing the sights around Los Angeles, Minnie left the Mungers and took the train to Sacramento where she visited her older brother Jesse and his family. While there, a side trip was taken to Yosemite Park. Finally, in mid-September, Minnie took the train back to Manhattan, Kansas. Ward and Minnie were married on October 18th.

There are 62 letters in this collection; 26 authored by Ward and 36 by Minnie. There are also many entries from a diary kept by Alonzo Munger and a partial trip diary kept by Minnie.

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