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Sonia Hearst is one of the many American heiresses of New York, whose family wishes to marry her off to an English nobleman. Her father is Edmund Hearst, the son of a boxer, he worked hard to have a steamboat emporium and amassed a large fortune but he wants the respect of the people. That is why he sends his daughter to London to get a husband with a title that will give him the prestige that his family lacks. Sonia hates the idea. She has always been a willful and stubborn girl who doesn’t want a man who will order her around and will make her unhappy as is the case with most marriages she knows. Sonia wants to live free and single all her life. She doesn’t want to answer to anyone. The problem is that her father wants Sonia to marry immediately, and she didn’t count on meeting a man who would arouse feelings within her that she didn’t want to have. If she wants to be a single woman Sonia can’t afford to fall in love.

Robert Egerton, Marquess of Wilmington is a man accustomed to women and war. Now after fighting for his country and returning home as a decorated hero. He just wants to live a quiet life. He doesn’t want to think about women, He just wants to devote himself to managing the lands that rightfully belong to him because of his title, but he gets a surprise when he returns to England and learns he is in financial ruin. The few lands that remain are about to be lost and Robert is forced to go through the humiliating experience of seeking an heiress to marry. When he meets Sonia, Robert is surprised by her beauty and then by her way of being. Sonia is the complete opposite of the boring young girls he always sees in the dances. So when Sonia makes him a daring proposal he sees the possibility of staying with the woman and the dowry. He doesn’t need to fall in love. But things get out of control and he will have to fight for his newfound love by tooth and nail.

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Amaya Evans

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