My Werewolf Lover

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Little Red Riding Hood goes to see her grandma in this naughty parody. Her visit turns sour when the evil woodcutter holds grandma hostage and lustfully attacks Red. Thankfully the Big Bad Werewolf interrupts the action and saves her! Still aroused from the woodcutter's advances, how far will Red go to repay her hero? [WARNING: Contains explicit sex, oral, sex with human that transforms into a werewolf. ADULTS ONLY.] Excerpt: The wolf stood up and turned around. He bore a muscular body with soft fur covering his skin. What struck me the most were his bright yellow eyes; it seemed to caring for so terrifying a creature. It took a step towards me, getting down on its knees. I frantically crawled back as fast as I can. "Are… you alright?" the wolf spoke as its fur rapid fell off its skin. I watched in amazement as his body grew smaller, turning back into a man. This creature was a werewolf?! Mother only shared stories of such creatures when it was scary story time, but never in my wildest dreams would I imagine meeting one. This wolf was a thinking creature, and it looked hot as hell too. The werewolf stood before me in human form. I blushed at the sight of his flaccid member hanging from his abdomen. He was hung like a horse! Or like a werewolf, depending on prevailing standards. He saved my grandma, and he saved me. My body still felt incredibly aroused from the woodcutter's touch. I needed someone to finish me off, and there standing in front of me was the perfect candidate. I got up from the floor, kneeling in front of the man now, his dick barely inches from my face. My mind ran wild with fantasies of how his dick would taste. "What's your name, my savor?" I asked him. "Wolf," he tersely replied. What an obvious, mysterious, and primal name! It sent a tingling feeling straight down into my pussy. My cunt was already soaking wet from all the adrenaline earlier and I desperately wanted some dick in me. "Well wolf, let me thank you," I replied as he pulled me up with one strong arm. I held his arm in mine, admiring how toned and warm it was. Somehow I felt safe with him around, and horny, especially horny. I stared deeply into Wolf's eyes. It bore a melancholy sadness was that deathly attractive. My lips traversed the two inch gap between us and locked on to his. He kissed me passionately, his tongue went inside my mouth, dancing and frolicking excitedly with mine. Being held in his tight, warm embrace, I felt like I could love and be loved by this wonderful werewolf.

Romans et littérature
11 février
Annabel Bastione

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