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Jack was the only living relative left in the family and decided since his great aunt Hilda's cabin was being neglected he would put it to use. Jack decided a good idea would be to invite some of his closest friends over for a night of singing and telling ghost stories around a campfire. Jack mailed out invitations to Rhonda, Michael and Matilda and chose Friday the 13th to set the mood for a spooky night around a campfire at his great aunt Hilda’s cabin. Jack didn't know the whole story about his great aunt Hilda.
Legend has it that Hilda was an evil Witch that used to live in Salem Massachusetts and thought she could escape the witch hunters by living deep in the woods in an isolated area in a small cabin. The Witch hunter's weren't about to let Jack's great aunt Hilda the most evil Witch get away. The Witch hunter's were hot on Hilda's trail and only took about a week to catch up with Hilda because an old farmer who lived nearby Hilda's cabin noticed some strange things going on in the cabin.
The old farmer was happy to lead the witch hunter's to the Witch's cabin and watch her burn at the stake. The Witch hunter's decided that when they got the Witch they would cut her head off and bury it underneath the cabin's floor with the book of the dead. The Witch hunter's torches were blazing and chanting "burn the Witch, burn the Witch." The Necronomicon wouldn't see the light of day until Jack and his friend Rhonda opened the book of the dead and that's when all Hell broke loose and the body count started piling up.

Romans et littérature
14 décembre
Drac Von Stoller

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