Noah’s Ark: Full Series Box Set

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Discover the world of Noah’s Ark, now available as a box set for the first time.

May 1st: the Earth is scorched by a stray asteroid, wiping out almost all life. Almost, but not quite all. Three thousand souls aboard a cruise ship visiting the north pole are spared by a freak of nature. They survived the end of the world — now they must survive each other.

This is the full five-book series, more than 1,600 pages of gripping drama, action, and suspense. It includes the following books (the complete Noah’s Ark series):


When the world ends, three thousand souls aboard a cruise ship visiting the north pole are spared by a freak of nature. 

The ship’s first officer, Jake Noah, was looking forward to getting back to dry land once and for all. Now he finds himself reluctantly in charge of the last handful of survivors of the human race. 

The limited resources on board mean just staying alive will be a struggle. With the threat of mutiny ever present, can Jake rise to the challenge and lead his crew and their passengers on a quest for safety? Or will he take the easy option and leave anarchy and chaos to prevail? 


They narrowly escaped the end of world, but the real problems for the three thousand souls aboard cruise ship Spirit of Arcadia have only just begun. 

Now their priority is to find enough food to sustain the whole community; possibly the last humans alive. 

Jake Noah has a plan, but there’s barely time to put it into action before a new menace threatens the lives of everyone: a deadly virus. As the mutated contagion sweeps the ship, the race is on to create a cure before all succumb to a painful — and messy — demise. 


In the two months since the world ended, the survivors aboard the Spirit of Arcadia have endured more than their fair share of challenges.

Now, finally, there is reason for hope when a strange signal shows up on the radar. Could it be that others have survived too? Might it shed light on the mysterious discoveries the Arcadia has made on her journey south? Or is the signal something altogether more sinister? 

Jake Noah and his crew have some tough decisions to make on behalf of the community. Decisions that lead to quite unexpected consequences. Decisions that could shape their entire future. 


They say every cloud has a silver lining. The survivors aboard the Spirit of Arcadia have passed through many clouds. Have they finally found something to make their struggle worthwhile? Captain Jake Noah thinks so. His little fleet is heading halfway around the world in search of a new home. Somewhere safe where they can start afresh. 

With criminal elements in their midst, personal problems to deal with, and perilous waters to navigate, it’s a journey fraught with danger and difficulty. Will their efforts bear fruit at last? Or will their voyage be in vain?


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, or so the saying goes. Having lurched from one calamity to another, Captain Jake Noah and his end-of-the-world companions should be tough enough to face anything. But the community has been beaten down by its constant battles against death, and is in danger of imploding. 

A last glimmer of hope lies with a young man from a land far away. Does he hold the secret to the future of the fleet? Jake thinks so, but the choices he makes now will spark the most frightening challenges of his life, as forces both inside and outside the ship conspire to try and defeat him.

SF et fantasy
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