Old School Success for the Millennial Generation & Beyond

Wisdom from the Past for Your Best Future

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In this New Era of Uncertainty, we as Humans are Challenged like Never Before -As a Society We Need To Help Each Other Rise To Greatness...

Old School Success for the Millennial Generation and Beyond goes against the so-called experts who say millennials are lazy, entitled and have labeled them "Generation Me," the "Peter Pan Generation," "Trophy Kids," and "Snowflakes."

Jerry Gladstone says these "experts" forget what it was like being young. Do millennials need some good "Old School" advice...absolutely. Would they benefit from social, financial, and life skills that they were not taught in school...definitely. This is what Old School Success for the Millennial Generation & Beyond offers. The goal is to provide "old school wisdom" to the new generation. The inspiration within is provided by Academy Award and Grammy Winners, Super Bowl and Music Icons, Olympians, Boxing, UFC World Champions and even Billionaires.

There are many "pain points" the millennial generation are challenged with each day including, job security, social media overload/anxiety, social distancing living up to society expeditions, fear of missing out (fomo), and debt. Within Old School Success for the Millennial Generation, there are chapters that help millennial's deal with their pain points. The content throughout is unique and appealing because it does not insult the millennial generation, it provides useful strategies and techniques to achieve their dreams and navigate through life's twists and turns.

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1 septembre
Morgan James Publishing

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