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In no country around the world are women treated with equality. Patriarchy is rampant, and affects women physically, economically, and professionally. Will the equal rights movements obtain justice? Are women destined to be a second-class gender or will they become equal citizens?

Women have so much to offer society. They are teachers, family builders, listeners, peacemakers, counselors. In the COVID-19 crisis, what would we do without their compassion, caring, sharing, and support?

What lurks behind closed doors with male chauvinism is unspeakable. Reported violence and statistics do not tell the story of mental heartbreak, insults, ignorance, and hardship. Scars that mar little girls for life, secrets of obsessions, passions, and overpowering impositions. All we know is but the tip of the iceberg.

Women aspire to warm relationships between the genders. They want loving homes, fulfilling roles in society, support in parenting, partnerships for our children. A woman craves sensitivity, empathy, being understood, emotional connection. They desire a gentleman, compliments, conversation, looking into their eyes, romance, and appreciation.

How long can we afford to have gender war, suspicion, the waning of binding relationships? Online masculine domination in pornography and match-making for fast sex could be pounding the final nail in the coffin. How can we not only save the genders from one another but draw them closer together? If men don't participate in this challenge it's a lost cause.

Marcel R. says about the author's approach to this commentary on Genesis 2, based on Biblical Hebrew, "A good lesson on word meanings and how to study them. It is not always what we think or what we have been taught. We need to understand what the authors meant when they wrote this."

It's clarification time. If you've got an open mind and are looking for forthright insight into a controversial subject, then you need to get Origin of Woman. It answers the question where did woman come from? It reveals their equality with the masculine gender but their marked differences as well, and why. Get the book at your favorite vendor and discover the astonishing potential of women and their essential role in the 21st century.

Religion et spiritualité
20 juillet
Sam Kneller

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