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Survival: The Ultimate Outdoor Survival Guide for Staying Alive and Surviving in the Wilderness

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*NEW 2ND EDITION: Updated & Expanded! Includes new chapter: The Survival Rules of Three, as well as additional content on shelter building, laying out a base camp, what to eat, and toileting.* 

Are you ready for survival in the wilderness? 

Would you know how to provide shelter, food and water for you and your loved ones?

You may be living a comfortable life right now, but that could soon change. A natural disaster could wipe out your entire area. Or you might have to escape and find shelter after an attack.

Would you know how to find shelter, food and water outdoors if a SHTF disaster or catastrophe changed the world as you know it?

This 2nd edition of 'Outdoor Survival: The Ultimate Outdoor Survival Guide for Staying Alive and Surviving In The Wilderness' is all you need.

This survival handbook is jam-packed with survival tips and tactics like how to hunt, how to set traps, how to make weapons, building an outdoor fireplace and the best survival foods. It teaches you how to stay alive in the woods. By reading this book you will learn all the outdoor survival skills and hacks you need to warrant long term survival!

Take your survival prepping serious NOW. And you can be confident that you and your loved ones will be safe and endure in the wilderness in case of an attack, crisis or doomsday.

Here is a Preview Of What You Will Find Inside:
The Mindset Of A Survivor
How To Prepare Your Survival Kit
How To Prepare Your Survival Kit
How To Make A Base Camp In The Wilderness
How To Find, Purify and Preserve Water
How To Find and Preserve Food
How To Make A Fire
How To Defend Yourself
How To Apply First-Aid
And So Much More!

TODAY Is The Time For Survival Prepping! Don't wait until after a meltdown, or the Apocalypse.

In this book you will learn proven strategies for survival preparedness. These actionable Prepper Survival tips will help you to keep your head cool when disaster strikes. When others panic, you will know what to do to make it out alive and prosper.

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