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Alpha Council Representative Kurt Moore has his hands full with his investigation into the Church for Humanity… And that’s before he meets the woman who throws his world into chaos.

Alpha Council Representative Kurt Moore is settling into the town of Lovington, California and his new position. He’s busy gathering information on the five chapters of the Church for Humanity. Making plans to take down the Church and protect his fellow wolves, he dedicates all his time and energy to his work. He’s content, happy, even if a little lonely. Then he meets Savannah Conley, the new deputy, and everything changes. Savannah is such a perfect match for him that Kurt starts to question himself and his needs.

Savannah Conley accepted the open position for the sheriff’s department and was looking forward to putting down some roots. She’s instantly attracted to the quiet shifter she’s introduced to by her best friend and the more time she spends around Kurt, the more convinced she is that she and Kurt are meant to be. She might only be a human, but she knows deep down that the dark-haired shifter belongs to her. She doesn’t have a lot of time to persuade the stubborn shifter to get him on board, though.

A wolf shifter who had gone undercover with the Church has disappeared and Kurt is on the hunt. Savannah does what she can through legal means but knows Kurt will do whatever he has to, to ensure the wolf’s safety.

Enemies try to tear them apart, and Kurt and Savannah have to understand and show that they are stronger together.

24 juillet
Totally Entwined Group Ltd

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