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From the acclaimed author of Night Trap, the second exhilarating tale of modern espionage and military adventure featuring US Navy intelligence officer Alan Craik.

US Navy Intelligence officer Alan Craik is plunged into adventures on land, at sea and in the air in this action-packed new tale of betrayal, conspiracy and modern espionage – written with the authority that comes from personal experience.

Alan Craik is back from sea duty and rapidly tiring of life behind a Pentagon desk when he learns that his best friend, a CIA agent, has been kidnapped in central Africa – just as Rwanda is about to be engulfed in violence. Before long, Alan flies out to join the US fleet off the African coast, ready to launch a bold rescue mission. But events spiral wildly out of control, and soon he and his wounded friend find themselves stranded in the middle of the continent with war raging all around.


Praise for PEACEMAKER:
‘This fireball of a military thriller… Few authors integrate multiple plots with such dazzling 3-D realism and technical accuracy… Harrowing shipboard battles, nail-biting emergency plane flights and riveting action drive this turbo-charged thriller. A tour de force with near hypnotic pull, Kent’s second outing scores a bull’s-eye’ PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

‘Heroes of both sexes to root for, deliciously corrupt villains to create anxiety: this rollicking, rousing naval thriller bears comparison to the genre’s best.’ KIRKUS REVIEWS

Praise for NIGHT TRAP:
‘Kent knows his subject at first hand and the expertise shows on the page: high stakes, pounding tension and the best dogfights put on paper. A lot of thrillers these days, you come away feeling like you’ve been in a simulator. Gordon Kent straps you into the real thing. Enjoy the ride!’ IAN RANKIN

‘Flying, spying and dying – Night Trap is the real straight Navy stuff. Better strap yourself to the chair for this one. I loved it.’ STEPHEN COONTS

About the author

Gordon Kent is the pseudonym of a father-and-son writing team, both of whom have extensive personal experience in the US Navy. Both are former Intelligence officers and both served as aircrew. The son earned his Observer wings in S-3 Vikings during the Gulf conflict. After service in the Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, Pacific and Africa, he left active duty in 1999. They have recently completed a third Alan Craik novel – TOP HOOK.

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