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Perfection can haunt you...

Yesterday, quick-witted Ally Smart saved the US government from a crippling computer virus. Today, she’s enjoying the sexy tension-filled life of a gorgeous jewel thief. Tomorrow she might go rock-climbing in the Alps, wind surfing in the Bahamas, or maybe save the world from taffeta-wearing aliens. Life is never boring for the 24-year-old office worker—in her dreams. In real life, Ally has to deal with the clumsiness of her size-16 body, the good intentions of her over-achiever best-friend, and the condescending attitude of her too-cool little sister.

Ally strives for the kind of unachievable-perfection she has in her fantasies: amazing body, clever come-backs, and passionate romances. But when the fantasized version of herself shows up in her bathroom mirror, calling herself Allison (with an i because she says it’s prettier), Ally discovers how cruel perfection can be. The ghost-like apparition at first appears only as a degrading Jiminy-Cricket; she picks on Ally’s faults and haunts her mirrors. But Allison’s power quickly grows; she leaves the mirrors, turns Ally’s day-dream into a trip to soft-porn land and her work-out into a Broadway musical. The fantasy girl wants to become real, and when perfection walks the streets of Ally’s small LA-suburb hometown, the resulting ripple effect damages the lives of everyone Ally loves.

In order to save her friends (and stop her own descent into a fantasy life no real person could survive) Ally must find the courage to overcome perfection and accept herself the way she is.

SF et fantasy
2 novembre
J.M. Phillippe

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