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The third child of a poor farmer in a small village on a small unimportant world, P’Hilz was different. She could see the beautiful power colors flowing through everything and responding to everyone.

As most small children do, she told others all about the wonderful things she saw, the only problem was that no one else in her small farming community could see these colors, and they quickly declared her a little off in the head. Years of teasing and torture by the popular kids in her community left her very shy and almost completely alone. She had only one friend, a girl her age who was a little slow to learn new things and a bit overweight who was teased almost as much as P’Hilz. P’Hilz though was a good student and earned high scores in all her classes and with that came the hope that she might somelunar get a scholarship to go to the city and study at one of the universities there. It was not really very likely, but it gave her hope.

One lunar, she gave a speech about bullying that was ill advised, and the most popular girl in school, who coincidently was the most aggressive of P’Hilz’s tormenters gathered her friends to teach P’Hilz a lesson for giving such a speech.
As she was being beaten, P’Hilz unknowingly calls on the power colors to form a shield to protect her. This drew the attention of Master O’Rvl the senior master on the planet, and P’Hilz’s life changed forever.

SF et fantasy
20 août

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