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Playfully Inappropriate introduces a radically different approach to writing comedy. No brainstorming. No Broken Assumption Jokes. No joke structures. No kidding. Instead, it focuses on tapping back into your unique sense of humor, personality and creative potential.

Have you ever wondered how some comedians can tell such hilarious stories while making the audience feel as if they’re hanging out with a friend? Or how top-level comedians can leave you in stitches without ever feeling fake or inauthentic? Comedians were telling hilarious stories and having funny conversations long before they ever learned a single joke structure or tried to list an audience’s assumptions. Why trade your natural, effortless ability to make people laugh for awkward joke formulas and brainstorming exercises?

Playfully Inappropriate replaces conventional brainstorming exercises and word associations with a fun, easy method of exploration and shows you how to methodically generate hilarious material without ever requiring that you conform to any arbitrary set of rules.

You’ll discover how “naturally funny people” are consistently able to recognize comedic opportunities and effortlessly respond with hilarious punchlines. Whether you’re a stand-up comedian, perform improv, write sketch, or act, Playfully Inappropriate will show you how to bring the same natural flow to your creative process.

In this book, you’ll learn…

* How joke-tellers and storyteller comedians use different strategies to create humor
* How to apply audience psychology to maximizes a joke’s effectiveness
* An easy to way to create joke premises
* How to recognize natural opportunities or create your own opportunity for a punchline
* How to use your natural sense of humor to write both conventional and unconventional jokes
* How storytelling comedians are able to capture the audience’s attention early on
* How storytellers get laughs without requiring conventional joke structures

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7 juin
Jared Volle