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Are you tired of the same old politics? Fed up with candidates slinging so much mud it puts thong-wearing lady wrestlers to shame? Have strategically-timed ‘gotcha’ videos turned you into a jaded cynic? Do you want fresh ideas to revive your interest in social narrative and public discourse gone stale? Do you want them in an easy-to-digest pamphlet size that’s no bigger but no less incendiary than Thomas Paine’s Common Sense? If so, then you won’t need terrabytes of polling data to figure out that Politics Unusual is the literary choice for you.

Join writers Patrick Lundrigan (L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future award-winning author), J. Monell, Brian Pedersen and Neil Morris as they spin tales of fantastic contests in the civic arena: in Patrick Lundrigan’s The Political Machine, a master of old-fashioned realpolitik must adapt to challenges posed by an artificially-intelligent candidate in a technologically disorienting virtual debate; negative campaigning gets a taste of New Age medicine in the battle for a young woman’s soul in J. Monell’s The Media Medium; Brian Pedersen’s Falling for a Presidential Hopeful features an ambitious wife grappling with the possibility that her nominee husband may not be of this Earth, while Neil Morris’ The Living Document pits an anthropomorphic United States Constitution against a Supreme Court Chief Justice in a debate over the most controversial issue of our time.

For readers, though, there’s simply no debate: whether you’re a nobody in the ninety-nine percent or a one percent patrician, Politics Unusual will leave you wholly entertained.

Romans et littérature
17 octobre
Patrick Lundrigan