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… "Who is he?""I ain't a-tellin' that. It ain't fit that I should." The old man drew himself erect.In his dim blue eyes, as he faced the house, there was the loyal servant's honestpride in the family he has served and loved for long years."But it don't seem possible--her and a lover," still maintained Nancy.Old Tom shook his head."You didn't know Miss Polly as I did," he argued. "She used ter be realhandsome--and she would be now, if she'd let herself be.""Handsome! Miss Polly!""Yes. If she'd just let that tight hair of hern all out loose and careless-like, as itused ter be, and wear the sort of bunnits with posies in 'em, and the kind o'dresses all lace and white things--you'd see she'd be handsome! Miss Polly ain'told, Nancy.""Ain't she, though? Well, then she's got an awfully good imitation of it--shehas, she has!" sniffed Nancy."Yes, I know. It begun then--at the time of the trouble with her lover," noddedOld Tom; "and it seems as if she'd been feedin' on wormwood an' thistles eversince--she's that bitter an' prickly ter deal with.""I should say she was," declared Nancy, indignantly. "There's no pleasin' her,…

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Eleanor Emily Hodgman Porter (December 19, 1868 – May 21, 1920) was an American novelist.

Porter mainly wrote children's literature, adventure stories and romance fiction. Her most famous novel is Pollyanna (1913), later followed by a sequel, Pollyanna Grows Up (1915). Her adult novels include The Turn of the Tide (1908), The Road to Understanding (1917), Oh Money! Money! (1918), Dawn (1919), Keith's Dark Tower (1919), Mary Marie (1920), and Sister Sue (1921); her short story collections include Across the Years (c. 1923), Money, Love and Kate (1923), Little Pardner (1926).

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