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Many people say, You cant judge a book by its cover.  That saying definitely doesnt apply in this case, because the title and picture say it all.  In this book the vulnerability of us all is humorously exposed as we typically find ourselves trying to hide the human condition, which has been passed down throughout mankind. 

If you breathe, then you eat, if you eat then you poop.  No one is exempt from this natural act of waste disposal.  However, most people will sit in misery rather than admit the need to go.  Whether you are rich or poor, man or woman, you know you have been stuck in some kind of compromising situation. Maybe you have experienced the helplessness of finishing your business, only to discover an empty toilet paper cylinder at your side as you contemplate your options before heading back in to the office.  Possibly it was the embarrassment of trying to expel a little gas to relieve an uncomfortable pressure, only to find a science experiment gone wrong in your drawers when the gas changed to a liquid.  Or perhaps the awkwardness of a first date has been multiplied by a thousand, as you begin to feel the grumbles in your stomach set in after dinner. 

Each hilarious tale tells of the experiences of the authors from many different stages in their lives.  They share experiences ranging from their own childhood, through the college years, into young adulthood and finally reach full circle with funny tales about their own children.   These stories have been written with every intention of making you smile if you must be stuck on the throne for any length of time.  Can you honestly think of a better topic for the most notorious and infamous reading room in history? 

24 janvier

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