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"Power in the House!-T.S.E." is a personal manifesto for the American private home. It is often regarded "ultra-modern" since many of the precepts extolled with regard to contract-related matters of private home maintenance and improvement defy customary approaches and proposes strategies most apt to be practiced in all 50 states.

"Power In The House! – T.S.E.” is especially and purposefully engineered for you as an American private home decision maker. Whether you own, rent, or lease your own private single-family, duplex, or small to mid-sized mansion or estate, you will most definitely be empowered to release the power to prove even more so that the power is truly in the house! You will make better decisions. You will get better results.

Here are only a few of the many aggressive, self-empowering avenues your manifesto can enable you to successfully traverse:

*Better approaches to selecting and hiring contractors;

*Special recommendations and reasons for not arbitrarily giving contractors advance money;

*Special prerequisites for contractors to front funding for projects, instead. This would be applicable at every point, contingent upon you incorporating and enforcing "reimbursement based" priorities;

*Special considerations for requiring contractors to investigate, obtain, and to show proof of all project-related permits pulled;

*A number of true accounts of residents who were scandalized by dishonest contractors and the reasons they were "helpless" to prevent it;

*Risks of using online contractor referral agencies;

*Dangers and protections against such dangers in striking up deal with contractors recommended by online contractor referral agencies;

*Special consideration for senior self-defense against being defrauded with additional emphasis on keeping watch against seniors' victimization (neighborhood watch against senior exploitation by contractors);

*Interesting revelations about "high-priced" contractors;

*Precautions against being too lenient or permissive;

*How you can and should successfully manage your own home projects through monitoring, coordinating, and facilitating events (personally or by delegation);

*How you can be soundly successful through monitoring and coordinating each project (personally or by delegation) to strictly ensure each of your contract-related home project successes;

*More and more and more… …Power!

Welcome to the future, today!

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7 janvier
RB Roberts

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