Procrastination, Motivation and You

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I, the author, spent time working in the United Nations but my career was mainly in the academic area. This book is the product of many years spent teaching in universities in three countries. At the freshman level (first year) I encountered many students who had problems settling down to university life and motivating themselves to work in the much freer environment. They brought their troubles to me and over the years I learned a lot about what worried them, especially their inability to get down to work and avoid wasting their time. Listening to their concerns, giving support and advice and helping them to make the necessary adjustments provided much of the raw material for this book.
This self-improvement book was written with students in mind although anyone can benefit from it. The first section totally applies to students and non-students alike.
In order to help you develop and raise your level of motivation the book starts by focussing on what can cause procrastination and why it is bad. This is sensible because identifying what is currently stopping a person from feeling good about themselves, enjoying what is being done and working with enthusiasm is the start. Once someone understands why they feel unenthusiastic and what is holding them back then they are in a better position to start tackling their own particular impediments.
The second section turns to motivation, first examining the different ways that a person can benefit from being motivated and enthusiastic in general. The section contains specific advice on what can be done to increase your enthusiasm and develop your motivation. Some of this advice is specific to a student environment, for example, using a failed assignment to increase motivation, but much of the advice is of a general nature and applies to anyone.
The section suggests many practical ways of promoting motivation. It examines the use of various different "carrots" that can encourage your enthusiasm to work. It then turns to a variety of "sticks" that you can use.
After discussing the use of carrots and sticks, other ways of improving your motivation are suggested. For example, these can include such things as visual reminders, like wall posters, and making precommitments in life. For students, amongst other suggestions, finding a study-buddy is recommended and various learning games that you and they can play are explained.
Over twenty further recommendations are made that can help improve your motivation and lead you to success.
The book contains 17,120 words.

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23 juillet
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