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My college roommate was always a bit possessive of me, but I didn’t mind. She was beautiful, tempting, though I would have never admitted to having a secret little crush on her! Unconsciously, I craved her possessing and dominating me in ways a man never had. I guess that’s why I teased her a bit too far, and now she intends to punish me. How could I resist my lesbian first time?

As the two of us headed back to our dorm, made our way to the bedroom, I felt her delicate palm cover my mouth. She pulled me close then, letting me feel the heat of her luscious curves against my back. Then, her moist lips caressed the sensitive skin of my neck.

“I saw you flirting with that guy tonight.” She purred hot and inviting.

My breath caught in my throat then. She had never done this before, never touched me so openly. Her hands wandered to my waist teasing the fabric of my dress as she continued.

“You know I hate when you tease me. I think it’s time I finally taught you a lesson. Get on the bed.”

With my roommate’s firm command lingering between us, I felt a heat rush to the tender folds of my cunt. This was wrong, I knew that, but would anyone really fault me for complying? Deep down I wanted her, desired her, and now she was making her needs clear. She gave me the excuse to do this with her.

“Go on, get on the bed for me!” She said a little more harshly.

Blushing, I made my way over to the bed. My eyes watched her then, studying every sway of her hips. She looked so confident, so in control of the situation between us. Even with her back turned as she dug in her dresser, I sensed her dominance over my petite body.

“That’s a good girl. I’m going to give you what you want most. I know what you need. I always have. Mmm, I got you something special.”

Romans et littérature
10 mars
Lot's Cave, Inc.

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