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PUT IT IN WRITING, by Albert Joseph, is the most widely used business writing book in the English-speaking world. Mention the course at AT&T, Boeing, General Motors, Ford, or any number of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, and thousands of their employees will agree that it put them on the way to a better job or career.

In the corporate sector, AT&T alone trained more than 60,000 engineers, scientists, sales executives, and upper management employees through PUT IT IN WRITING. Thousands more were trained at Ford, General Motors, Shell Oil, and DuPont.

In the U.S. Government, thousands were trained at the Social Security Administration and Comptroller of the Currency. The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) made the book a requirement. Says the California Franchise Tax Board: “Managers applaud PUT IT IN WRITING because it enhances the image of our employees. Employees like it because it makes it easier for them to do their jobs well. Get this book any way you can!"

PUT IT IN WRITING tries to undo the damage colleges have done to our students in English classrooms. Even though our colleges graduate hundreds of thousands of brilliant people every year, the ability to write clearly, concisely, and professionally has almost become a lost art.

The hallmark of the corporate training world for decades, PUT IT IN WRITING is now available for the first time as an eBook. And it also includes Mr. Joseph’s best-selling Executive Guide to Grammar, a fast-paced, enjoyable way to learn about an admittedly boring topic. It’s a grammar book with an attitude: as the subtitle says, “no one needs to know what a gerund is except someone taking a test asking what a gerund is.”
Albert Joseph almost certainly taught more people to write than any educator who ever lived. He believed that "your job is to tell as much as possible, as clearly and accurately as possible, in as little reading as possible." In 1972, Mr. Joseph co-founded the Plain Talk movement in Washington, D.C., a consumer advocacy group that was instrumental in getting approval for state laws requiring clearly worded legal documents. The organization still exists today.

PUT IT IN WRITING is a must have for any ambitious, intelligent person who realizes the importance of written communication as a key to success and a key to a good job.

Read these fantastic reviews!
“Joseph’s grammar is approachable, his reasons for caretaking clear”—Christian Science Monitor
“An attractive, informative, useful, and even entertaining book”—National Council for Teachers of English
“An invaluable reference…our review copy is going in between Webster’s and Roget’s”—Training Magazine
“As a teacher of business writing and a grammar maven, I sigh with envy to know that he, not I, wrote this terrific resource” —Robert E. Kelley

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17 décembre
Albert Joseph

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