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Terrorist attacks by radicalized Muslims are happening almost every week now and show no sign of abating. Western populations are becoming restless and this threatens electoral stability. Authorities can be expected to put further pressure on financial institutions to discover terrorist networks before they succeed in causing death and destruction. It is the compliance officer who is in the frontline. The compliance officer is paid to keep the financial institution out of harms way. It is the compliance officer who will do jail time, if the financial institution is found to have failed in its duties. This little book will help the compliance officer determine when to carry out enhanced due diligence, report to management and file SARs on suspicious activity.

Just as the last pages of this book were being written Ignacio Echeverria Mirailles de Imperial died valiantly defending a female victim with his skateboard against the London Bridre terrorists June 3, 2017. Ignacio Echeverria Mirailles de Imperial, 39 years old, and from Madridwas a financial crimes compliance analyst at HSBC in London. There was outrage as Saudi Arabia's football team SNUBS a minute's silence for London Bridge terror victims ahead of World Cup qualifier against Australia because 'it is not in keeping with their culture'. In other words they mocked the Western victims and praised the terrorists as "martyrs" in their ideological war on the West.

Companion volumes – Catalonia – way to conflict  and  Hezbollah – cuckoo in the nest.

The book is a collection of materials, references and commentary.

With illustrations.

Professionnel et technique
2 décembre
Eric Thomsen

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