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The Raspberry Pi has changed the face of home electronics and this new face is the size of a wallet and has a USB and wi-fi port for its features. What began as a method for teaching people to program in a hands on environment has become a new platform for hobbyists to put computers in everything they can get their Raspberry Pi into, to make all the electronic items in their home automatic and to disregard giant corporations for homemade game consoles and digital cameras. 

This book takes you into the world of the Raspberry Pi and outlines 22 hacks and projects that can be done with a little graft and a pair of pliers. Whether you are a beginner or an enthusiast there are fresh ideas here for getting the most out of your Raspberry Pi and creating practical and fun projects that can save you time and money. Each project is told in a fun and user friendly fashion and created bold ideas for the possibilities now open you.

In this book you will:
-Learn how to replace your current desktop with the Raspberry Pi's deceptively powerful workings and increase productivity by working distraction free,
-Revolutionize how your films and music find their way around your home and onto your television screen. Create a miniature home cinema or take the movies to the train or the car,
-Discover uses for the Raspberry Pi that take it beyond a teaching aid or a novelty and turn it into an essential component of your home.

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30 octobre
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