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Fix your Hormones within 7 days!
Are you having signs and symptoms that include night sweats, irregular menstruations, vaginal dryness, sleep disorder, mood swing, hair thinning, and irritability?
Have you exhausted all searches on how to reduce or get rid of all the above menopause issues? All to no avail!
Menopause is the moment in a woman's life when the fertile period ends, and menstruation stops. This cycle starts between 45-55 years of age, but there have been cases of those that started earlier (40 years) premature and some that started later (55 years).
Now that you know you are in menopause! How do you combat the signs and symptoms that are rearing their ugly heads at nights or emotional turmoil every day?
It is essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes eating organic diets that provide adequate nutrients and beneficial chemicals to the body. These natural foods will lower and overcome the symptoms that are synonymous with menopause issues.
This book “Recipes for Hormone Fix: A Proven, Easy, Natural Fat burners, Energy Boosters, Delicious Menopause Craving Foods to Sleep Better, Boost Mood, Stop Hot flashes, and Restore Well-Being” provides different kinds of recipes to deal with issues that may arise during the menopause.
It is advisable to adhere to the food list and be a master over your menopause issues.
The benefits of these Recipes are;
Ideal for Weight Control
Mood Booster
Enhances Skin Condition
Aids Heart Health
Guards and Strengthens Bones
High in Fiber
Some of the recipes include;
Avocado Green Salad
Dark Choc Mousse
Pine Pesto Sauce
Spiced Milkshake with Banana
Basil Salad with Tomatoes
Lots more!
“Don’t wait any longer!
Pick this cookbook to begin the journey to what should be eaten to reduce and get rid of the symptoms associated with menopause!

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16 octobre
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