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The object of the Recommendations in this report is to decrease air pollution, avoid climate change, decrease the importation of oil from the Middle East and to attack the monopoly of oil as a transportation fuel. According to the author, this agenda can be accomplished by substantially increasing the use of natural gas for truck transportation. The effect will be to keep billions of dollars in circulation in this country instead of being shipped to the Middle East, stop America’s funding of terrorism, clean up the air by limiting the use of diesel and gasoline, and create hundreds of thousands of jobs. There could also be downward pressure on the price of gasoline and diesel at the pump due to competition from natural gas.

The data-based recommendations described in the text will greatly increase the adoption rate of natural gas trucks in America and will enable our country to become more energy independent, wealthier and healthier. The proposed policy will also result in less financial backing of terrorism, religious intolerance and oppression of women emanating from the Middle East and North African regions.
The material could be used as marketing and sales techniques for the natural gas and transportation industries. Everyone should become more aware of how to utilize America’s newly developed natural gas formations.

Responsibility is stressed for local leadership to follow through with the recommendations rather than rely on the intractable gridlock that exists in Congress. Educational, medical and governmental agencies need to read the book and follow through with the recommendations. Union members, warehouse workers, and trucking staff in general will have great interest in the making their work places safer. Every Office of Sustainability should definitely become knowledgeable of the information in the text because of its beneficial impact on the environment both at low and high altitudes.

It is essential that America ramps up demand for natural gas in our transportation sector before this precious resource is shipped overseas. Otherwise, our nation will be left with the worse nightmare of using the more expensive gasoline and diesel fuels while our economic and political competitors possess the less costly natural gas. For example, Iran is using natural gas as their transportation fuel of choice within their country but exporting the more profitable oil.

The controversial issue of hydraulic fracking is met head on with a sensible and more secure approach in resolving the environmental problems. For instance, most Americans are unaware that waterless fracking procedures are available in drilling in shale formations. Read and become more informed.

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