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The author, Abdallah Nacereddine, gives you a view of his thoughts and emotions with his work; a collection of introspective verse from a world traveler and author. This collection of work was written throughout his life but still holds truth in the present. The core meaning remains. His work is compiled not only for those who read English but also for the enjoyment of those readers who read French or even Arabic. It is the authors hope that each reflection finds the reader able to look into a slice of a moment in time.

Here is a unique book with a lifelong collection of work from a poet, who has traveled the world and experienced various cultures, people and places. Written mostly in English, the poet first started his work in French and then later in Arabic. This enables the reader to reflect upon the Cosmopolitan Observers poetry in three separate languages, English, French and Arabic. A rare look into the poets point of view on various topics revealing his way of life at different stages. These reflections came unexpectedly from any time, anywhere. Each thought has its own story, some event that consciously or unconsciously generated it. Some of them are good for just the moment while others are timeless. The poet explains, I am not really a poet, but rather these reflections were inspired just like that, instantly, without forcing myself, or deciding in advance what to write.

Use this for your personal introspective or even as a teaching tool for the various languages.

But most of all ENJOY!

Romans et littérature
1 novembre

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