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Vernon Francois assumed ultimate leadership of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force in May, 2010 during a period of unprecedented crime and senseless bloodshed. Gang-related violence was threatening to bring Saint Lucia, a sunny island paradise once known for its peaceful people, to its knees. Criminals and gang members were actively killing each other and innocent members of the public got caught, fatally at times, in the process. Chausee Road, a main thoroughfare in the city of Castries was a place to be avoided after 6.00 P.M.  Residents and other persons traversing the area were in a constant state of panic and terror. The country's main economic product, tourism, was under threat as cruise ship operators were removing Saint Lucia from their schedules due to robberies and outright unabashed violence in the capital city.  The vicinity of the city was virtually a war zone and Saint Lucia was on its way to being declared a failed State. The Saint Lucian public was losing confidence in the ability of the police to deal with the crime situation.

Utilizing his almost 30 years' experience as a member of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, Vernon Francois served as Commissioner of Police for 5 years. Francois adopted a community partnership approach to the job but were his untiring efforts at professional policing successful in restoring public confidence in local policing? Was gang violence brought under control? Was peace restored to this island under the sun?

Was the nation once again able to trust in the local police's ability to curb crime?

Find out the answer by reading the true story from the top cop himself.

Professionnel et technique
14 novembre
Hailcloud Publishing

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