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Restoring the Fortunes of Zion tells the dramatic story of the reemergence of Israel onto the stage of modern history from the genocidal fury of the Holocaust to its extraordinary survival in face of regional hostility and global contempt. It shows how the return of the Jewish people from two millennia of exile realizes with uncanny accuracy the visions of the biblical prophets, and explores what this signifies for the future.

Rob Yule brings together accessible scholarship biblical, historical, geographical, political and theological with strong advocacy, to create a book that I found riveting and moving.

I commend Restoring the Fortunes of Zion to all those who wish for a clearer sense of Israel, its emergence from desolation to vitality and those who helped and hindered its progress. It is an exceptionally valuable resource.

Dame Lesley Max, Auckland

The publication of Restoring the Fortunes of Zion is extraordinarily timely and vital for our understanding of current world events. It enables us to better understand from a biblical perspective what has happened in Israels past, what is happening in Israel today, as well as what is going to happen to Israel in the future.

Revd. Murray Dixon, Palmerston North

Rob Yules book weaves together a carefully researched, erudite, scholarly but eminently readable and fascinating account of Israel. He intertwines and interprets the history, politics, military strategy, theology and culture of the region, in the past, present and future! The sweep of his vision is as breath-taking as the intriguing subject matter that he covers.

Revd. Owen Hoskin, Auckland

Religion et spiritualité
20 septembre
WestBow Press

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