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After spending nearly 16 years studying this American legend by reading what everyone else thought they knew, I decided I was tired of going down rabbit trails and re-examining anecdotal stories I knew in my guts were exaggerated and untrue. I concluded, never search for the truth; search for the lies instead.

My name is Dale Tunnell and I spent over 41 years as a criminal investigator and law enforcement professional. I had years and years of specialized training and I earned a Ph.D. in psychology. I became an international expert in voice analysis research in criminal investigations and correctional environments, and I developed a sophisticated analytical system that incorporated handwriting comparison, psycholinguistics, psychiatry and acoustical voice analysis called S.H.I.E.L.D. Analysis.

When I finally changed my approach and returned to scientific methods, good old-fashioned gumshoe work, and the CSI-type procedures I developed, the truth of William H. Bonney, alias Billy the kid, finally emerged. If you want a thrill of discovery, never see the world the same way once you’ve read this book. Or even if you just want to be consumed with curiosity, then this is the most important book you’ll read all year! This is no ordinary historic crime mystery, because I unravel the past with new analytical methods you have never seen or heard of before!

No historians have been spared in creating this book. In fact, I have taken a zero-tolerance policy on nostalgic reflections from the past while writing this book. We have even exhumed graves to uncover new facts to get the truth for you. What would it be like to discover that everything you learned about the past was a lie?

•    You will discover exactly how to get the TRUTH! And why it’s even more mysterious than fiction.

•    You will discover exactly why the BEST murder mysteries are not fiction.

•    If you are into psychology, you will discover the mental traits of the real William H. Bonney and how they made him into a resilient killer.

•    If technology is your thing, you will discover how I utilized CSI-type methods to reveal information historians tried to keep hidden.

•    If you are a western legends fan, you will discover a full new comprehension of the landscape and environment in which these characters thrived.

•    You will discover anatomical, psychiatric, and psychological traits to positively distinguish Billy the Kid from others who claimed his identity.

•    Discover why Dr. Dale Tunnell has become a modern “language inquisitor” with a computer and a magnifying glass.

William H. Bonney was the most famous outlaw of not only the Old West but current times as well. In almost all languages, regardless of location in the world, people recognize the name “Billy the Kid.” They may not know or understand his history, but he was and still is an international celebrity. Not everything written about the Kid was correct. The public only saw the Kid as an enigma. As is often the case with historical figures, storytellers embellish the facts to create the legend. In this book, I resurrect the authentic Billy the Kid, and unmask an impostor who claimed his identity.

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26 septembre
Western Legends Research