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Getting what you want may be easier than you think.

It may only take rethinking!

In Rethinking the Law of Attraction, Pam shows how you can get what you want more often with a deeper understanding of how you create your life. She presents the ancient law of attraction in a new and more easily understood historical perspective based upon years of research and experience. Her discoveries clarify how this practical law had been understood and applied throughout time, making your use of these findings immediately valuable.

Realizing that each of us must discover for ourselves the mysteries of our own lives, Pam boldly invites the reader to share her personally transforming journey in this insight-filled memoir, a result of rethinking the law of attraction.

If you are ready to make a powerful and positive difference in your own life, as Pam has in hers, then this book, itself an example of the law she presents, will show you how. ~Dr. Rob Pennington

What other readers are saying:

            "The final chapter is a bright, shining, white light of positive energy!" ~D.M

            "Love the scholarly approach!" ~T.S.

            "Appreciated your personal growth through the process of writing this piece." ~S.B.

Shortly after the book was published, Dr. Young shared the transforming insight she'd gained from doing the study with the members of the metaphysical church who had completed her survey. Armed with “tools”, Kleenex and cough drops, she gave the scheduled talk despite having been sick for days because the preacher assured her no one believed they would catch whatever she had. You can listen to the brief talk here: https://soundcloud.com/dr-pam-young/the-law-of-attraction.

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