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This commentary is a verse by verse exposition with consideration given to the overall literary context. It is the kind of resource I (the author) wanted as a pastor with weekly pulpit responsibilities. This volume is not overly technical, and the information within it is aimed toward sermon and Bible study preparation. Pastors, Bible study leaders, and advanced lay people will find it beneficial. Sometimes Greek grammar is discussed, but it is not lengthy, and the layperson will understand the exposition. Following the exposition of each verse or passage is a discussion of different views of interpretation where applicable. Preterist which seeks the meaning first century Christians understood. Historicist which views Revelation as an outline of church history beginning with the first century. Futurist interpretations from well-known authors are provided. Cyclist that observes patterns or cycles in Revelation also discerned in history and repeated through the centuries finding ultimate fulfillment at history’s conclusion.

My hope while writing this book was to make Revelation's meaning as clear as possible. There are only 52 Sundays in a year and the Bible contains a wealth of passages from which to preach. That means some are omitted, including Revelation. Sometimes congregations may go years without hearing a message from John's Apocalypse. One of my aims when writing this commentary was to help pastors prepare sermons from this letter. I also thought of the layperson who simply wanted to learn more.

Writing this commentary required six hours a day over four years. The research was intensive, extensive, and enjoyable.

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10 août
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