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It was while he was in prison serving ten years for something he hadn’t done that he received the news of his little boy’s murder and the takeover of his ranch by the three Cavanaugh brothers. He could have done the remaining nine years easily, but now that the man he had suspected of framing him had murdered his boy and taken his ranch there was no way the prison was going to hold him.
He knew that they would eventually capture him or kill him trying, but that would not be before he settled with the Cavanaugh clan. He had learned to handle a gun in his wild younger days and now he was going to put that gun to use. He knew he could count on help from his brother, but he hadn’t counted on getting help from the other direction.
Sheriff Daniel Blanchard had been around the Valley for years and he knew the Walton family, and although he arrested Jeremy he never believed he was guilty. The evidence was all against him and without any evidence in his favor he was convicted and sentenced to ten years in prison.
When Jeremy escaped Sheriff Blanchard knew where he would be headed and it was going to be up to him to prevent Jeremy from doing something that would lead him back to prison for life or to the gallows.
Sarah Blanchard didn’t have the faith in Jeremy that her father did. She was concerned that what they were planning would lead to her father’s destruction, but something happened that changed her mind. Armed with all the help he had and a plan that was flimsy at the best they set out to prove one man’s innocence and another man’s guilt.

Romans et littérature
19 septembre
Robert O' Hanlin

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