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The Galloways
When Myron McPhee was assaulting his step daughter it was her brother Robbie who came to the rescue. The two fled leaving him lying on the floor with a pair of scissors stuck in his back. Their only escape was to run, and the freight train looked like the only way out of town…but they were not the only ones on that train. Cullen Buchanan didn’t know what he was getting into when he met the Corkums. Their meeting was a turning point in all their lives. It was not an easy turning point but even a man like Cullen, who was on the mission of his life, could not stand by and see a woman abused.
Cullen was a hard man in a country full of hard men. He was as fair as he was hard a fact that the Corkums were soon to find out. Leading a cattle drive was a big responsibility that often required tough decisions and Cullen was a man who could make them. On the other hand Elsa Corkum was not about to see anyone harm her brother.

For Want of a Winter Home

Trey Belanger and Mort Walker had ridden together for ten years and now they were in search of a place to ride for the winter…a winter home. Times were hard for the ranches in West Texas and finding a riding job in the winter looked bleak.
When Mort suggested the ride further west the idea sounded good but winter was quickly closing in on them. The valley on the other side of the mountains looked perfect and the ranch they found looked equally as perfect…especially the girl that was running it.
They signed on and found their winter home but they also found themselves in the middle of a range war. Susie Helpert and her father were holding on to their ranch by the skin of their teeth and Trey and Mort were drawn into the battle.
Trey knew that men were going to die but he and Mort were the kind of riders that rode for the brand and the troubles of the brand were their troubles. Trouble was not new to either of them but with gun trouble also came pain and suffering.

Romans et littérature
26 novembre
Robert O' Hanlin

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