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Sometimes it's hard to say, "Yes." Sometimes you need to be persuaded before you're ready to submit. Sometimes what you want is what you'd never actually admit to wanting... Three in a Book: three explicit stories of submission and restraint to fuel your wildest fantasies!

Taken at the Club
They tied me with silk scarves. One at each wrist, stretching my arms out to either side. One at each ankle, spreading my legs. I felt vulnerable, exposed; my pussy, especially. Uncovered, open to all. Were they standing at the foot of the bed, studying me? I'd wanted to sleep with other men, lots of them, in order to get Reuben out of my system. I hadn't meant quite like this...

Captive at the Billionaires' Sex Club
When Kate decided to spend the summer as a waitress at parties for the super-rich, she knew she would be moving in circles she'd never encountered before - a completely different world. It turned out to be a world of depravity and pure unbridled lust she had never even dreamed about. That summer, she discovered the Billionaires' Sex Club. An explicit novella of bondage, submission and more.

Taken to the Edge
Handcuffed to the bed, gagged, parallel lines of red welts running down his chest where she's clawed him... this is what he wants, this is his fantasy: tie him down, take him right to the edge, and keep him there. "No," she tells him, "don't you come. Don't you dare come yet." But does he want it all? He loves her dirty mind, but does he realise quite how far she is willing to go?

Romans et littérature
13 septembre
James Grieve Press

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