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Blue-black bruises are just the perfect accessories for the innocent young submissive women in this bundle. Here, you will find:

Rough Lovers 4: Piano Instructor
To say that Jane's first thought upon seeing Mr. Martello was how wonderful it would be if he'd stopped playing the piano and played her instead would be a lie. She was, after all, a perfectly innocent young woman and he was too old for her.
He was a man of few words, calm and mysterious. She was an open book, spontaneous and free-spirited. Time will handle the rest.

Rough Lovers 5: Make Me Yield
Olivia isn't prepared for what she signed up for. Not even with her extensive internet search for that could come under the topic of 'rough sex'. She thinks she's prepared for whips, handcuffs, spanking, and even some pain, considering the contract mentioned that she'll have bruises. But as she stands in the room with the powerful man, all she can think of is how much she wants to run away.

Rough Lovers 6: Chained Beauty
It starts out innocently enough. Tess Lang needs her photographs taken for some magazines and her manager, James, knows just the right guy to do it. Photographer Nick Jones sees more than she is willing to show, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Nick is so attractive that it makes her want to lick his face, so when he starts wrapping chains around her, she doesn't even question him.

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