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Sabdabodhamimamsa, An Inquiry into Indian Theories of Verbal Cognition: Subantapadarthavicarat-makah trtiyo bhagah, part 3: Nominal Stems and Their Significance. By N. S. RAMANUJA TATA-CHARYA. Collection Indologie, vol. 100.3. Samskrtavarsasmrtigranthamala, vol. 8. Pondicherry: INSTITUT FRACAIS DE PONDICHERY, RASHTRIYA SANSKRIT SANSTHAN, 2006. Pp. xi + 51 + 456. Rs. 250. This is the third volume in a projected series of four volumes; for a summary of the series, see my review of the second volume in JAOS 128: 105-11. The main part of this work (pp. 1-422) is divided into sections covering discussions (vicara) of the following topics: the relation between word and meaning (sabdarthasambandhavicarah, 1-115), word meaning (padarthavicarah, 1 17-219), the meanings of particles (nipatarthavicarah, 221-98), the meanings of compounds (samasarthavicarah, 299-396), the meanings of taddhita affixes--commonly referred to as secondary derivational affixes (taddhitarthavicarah, 397-414), and the meanings of krt affixes--commonly referred to as primary derivational affixes (krdarthavicarah, 415-22). There follow live appendices (anubandhah): bibliography of works cited (udahrtagranthanam suci, 425-37). alphabetical index of verses cited (suban-tapadarthavicare udahrtanam slokanam akaradikramena suci. 439-44), index of terms explained (vivrtanam padanam suci, 445-48), alphabetical index of explanatory principles (subantapadarthavi-care vyutpattinam akaradikramena suci, 449-50), and index of words and utterances cited to illustrate verbal cognitions (sabdabodhartham udahrtanam padanam vdkyanam ca sua, 451-56). Preceding the main part of the book, and separately paginated, are a lengthy introduction (upodghatah. 1-35) and a detailed Sanskrit table of topics (visavasuci, 37-51). These in turn are preceded by a note (unnumbered) by Francois Grimal, head of the program, a single-page (unnumbered) table of contents in English, (1) Sanskrit summaries of the entire four-volume work (sabdabodhamimamsagranthasya samksiplaparicayah) and of this third volume (subantapadarthavicaratmakasya trtiyabhagasya samksiptam svaru-pam), (2) acknowledgments (krtajnatannivedanam, v), and a table of abbreviations (sanketasuci, vii-xi).

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