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SAILOR'S NEW BED tells the story of how a sweet kitty cat named Sailor must find a new place to sleep when his person develops an allergy to kitty cats. The drawing on the cover is of Sailor and more photographs of him are inside the book. Available in both print and as an e-book online.

Another of Marilyn Clay’s books about a cat is titled DAISY GROWS UP, A KITTEN BABY BOOK; the true story of a kitten named Daisy Mae, who the author adopted when the kitten’s mother abandoned her as a tiny baby. Although Daisy’s adoptive parent (the author) is the true narrator, Daisy tells her own story with the help of over 50 photographs illustrating her misadventures as she grows up.

Daisy Mae is a lively kitten, who romps through life full of energy. Her inquisitive imagination lands her in trouble more than once but her sweet personality and adorable face always melts the heart of her ‘person’ Mom. You’ll laugh out loud over Daisy’s adventures and the questions she asks as she learns about life in the people world. Beautiful photography of a beautiful kitten!

MARILYN CLAY is the award-winning author of over twenty books, including twelve historical novels, two children’s books and numerous non-fiction titles. For sixteen years, she published The Regency Plume, an international newsletter focused on the English Regency period. A former University Editor with The University of Texas at Dallas and a professional commercial artist for many years, Marilyn also designed the Romance Writers of America’s RITA award statuette and received the first RITA ever presented at the RWA Conference in San Francisco when the new award was unveiled. To learn more about Marilyn Clay’s novels and artwork, please visit the “Marilyn Clay, Author” website.

Many of Marilyn Clay’s previously published novels are currently available on-line as e-books. Her Regency romance titles include: Bewitching Lord Winterton, A Pretty Puzzle, Brighton beauty, Miss Darby's Debut, The Uppity Earl, Felicity’s Folly, Miss Eliza’s Gentleman Caller, The Unsuitable Suitor and coming in January 2016, The Wrong Miss Fairfax. Paperback copies of her Regency romance novels are also available from the author’s website.

Two of Marilyn Clay’s Colonial American historical suspense novels were originally published in hardcover and also released in large-print editions. DECEPTIONS: A Jamestown Novel and A PETTICOAT AND LAMBSKIN GLOVES are both now in print and available as e-books from major online retailers. Both are set in the Jamestown colony in the early 1600s.

BETSY ROSS: ACCIDENTAL SPY by Marilyn Clay was recently published by Mayfair Mysteries and released simultaneously in print and as an e-book as is Marilyn’s contemporary murder mystery titled STALKING A KILLER. Look for all of Marilyn Clay’s e-books at major e-book retailers on-line.

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