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Has it ever occurred to you that some people are able to attain so much success at social, professional or personal level whereas others are struggling to get even a fraction of that success? Well, this is a common scene in our society today.

For instance, two or more people can commit to a same goal of losing weight by going to the gym. One of them may manage to follow through while the other one falls by the way side.The question that we always ask ourselves is – how different does the successful person do his things? This is the science and secret of success. Whether it is about losing weight, learning a new skill or starting a business, successful people have a game plan that is different in structure and principle from that used by people who fail.Is there a possibility that successful people are wired differently from the rest of the pack? Is there something in their DNA that is so unique to them? To answer these questions, a lot of theories have been put forward. Surprisingly, some of them have nothing to do with formal education.

It is possible to see thousands of people unemployed, broke and unhappy even with briefcases full of doctorate degrees. On the other hand, you may see tens of thousands of happy, rich and independent people who only managed a high school education.

Inside the pages of this book, I seek to demystify the manner in which success people think so as to give you the secrets of the winning formula of success.

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14 janvier

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