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How do the most glamorous people in Hollywood behave when they’re not in Hollywood? They run the gamut, and Nat Segaloff followed them for twenty-five years. He started in the staid and stuffy (but also politically tinged and rapidly evolving) city of Boston, Massachusetts, then picked up the trail in Los Angeles. In Screen Saver:Private Stories of Public Hollywood, he writes about the celebrities he worked with when they thought they were out of the public eye. Read about:

Why Film Critic is one of the most dangerous jobs in journalism!

How Deep Throat almost got un-banned in Boston!

Pointers on how to lie, cheat, and steal in Hollywood!

What really happens on those glitzy Hollywood press junkets!

Personal stories about Hollywood in transition during the last great age of American cinema.

Read the scoop about the Bad, the Beautiful, the Boring, and the Blessed as seen by the publicist who kept it out of the papers and then became a reporter who put it back in.

About the author: Nat Segaloff is a movie publicist who crossed the professional street to become a film critic and journalist—a move that gave him insight into the ways of Hollywood but made him an infidel to the studios he used to work for. His previous BearManor titles are Final Cuts: The Last Films of 50 Great Directors, Stirling Silliphant: The Fingers of God, and Mr. Huston/Mr. North:Life, Death, and Making John Huston’s Last Film. His next project is the biography of Harlan Ellison.

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16 septembre
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