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‘Twas a time of war. The Black had returned, his despicable Hoard gaining power with astonishing ease amongst those unfamiliar with their own history. Humans and the Magic bearing Races had drifted apart since the Last Holocaust, and many chose ignorance o’er facing the truth that the Evil One was rising once more. ‘Twas no less so than with Lord Rohar, the royal leader of the Sprite Nation, upon the Island of Dreams.

While Darque and the Dragon Clan were entering the Black War, the 7th Egg mysteriously disappeared from the island, along with the Heir Apparent of the Sprite Nation, Kevon. The boy had been poisoned by the Sorcerer’s Spell Sword and the only one who could heal him was Myrrdin’s sister, Persephone. But she, along with the entire Wyrdritch, homeland of the Elves, disappeared at the time of the Last Holocaust. Did she yet live?

Framed for their abductions, ‘twas up to Caleichante, Captain of the Sprite Elite Guard to make the treacherous journey ‘cross Kadoor with the two Princes, chased by her own Guard and the Hoard, to find the Wyrdritch and Persephone afore ‘twas too late. This was a race with more than one life to lose, a mission she could not afford to fail, for if Kevon died, if the Egg landed in Hoard hands, all the Races would once again be at war with each other. ‘Twould be nowhere safe on all Kadoor.

SF et fantasy
13 décembre
Feed the Dragon, LLC

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