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*This book contains adult only content, not ment for readers under 18*

Kira has always dreamed of a life filled with love and a family but when her world comes crashing down around her with the loss of her daughter and the betrayal of her husband and best friend what is she left to do?

With a fresh start Kira plans to find herself and what she loves doing, when the tall gorgeous Luke enters her life claiming she is part of a world she only believed existed in fary tales she has to decide who to trust and what is real.

Luke claims to be part of the Arkea and needs Kira to help him against an evil threatening to destroy all life. Is he all he claims to be and will Kira be able to handle all that's thrown at her with all that's already happened in her life? She has to find out quickly what's truly important to her as well as adapt to this new world before it's too late. She had a plan for her life but it didn't quite work out as she had pictured as life seems it has its own plan for her.

Those piercing turquoise eyes staring down at me, I shiver with the longing of his touch. His bare chest is sculpted, every inch of it is smooth and hard as if he was cut from stone. The sly smile across his face as he leans down and takes my mouth with his intense and magical, I am wet and ready as my body aces to be touched like never before. A noise startles me and I jump soaked in sweat.

"Hello" I say breathless as I pick up the phone.

"Good Morning Mrs.Welling, this is the front desk with your wakeup call." a gentle voice says from the other end.

"Yes, yes thank you." I practically moan.

Ugh!Really! I want my dream back! It's been one crazy weekend, so much has happened since friday night. And here I am swooning over a man in the hot dream I just had, a man who is a complete stranger, what is it about that man?

Revised edition

SF et fantasy
2 février
M.D. Woodson

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