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Seduction is a collection of three short stories about two women and one man seduced by three different different temptations. The Seminar is a story about a man who conducts seminars concerning specific types of investments. An attractive woman makes sure she is positioned so when he is talking, she crosses her legs giving him a tempting view of her lack of underwear. He believes he had seen her before but can't place her. For the three days of the seminar he attempts to talk to her but she manages to vanish when he pursues her. On the final day, he does make a connection and they go to dinner where he discovers he has walked into a carefully laid sexual trap baited by her beauty. Against his best efforts to remain true to his wife, her temptation is too strong. His seduction is her beauty and although he tries to resist her, she is persuasive. The ending is a huge surprise no one will see coming.

The second book is about a wealthy man and woman celebrating her thirtieth birthday. The husband has a record of over the top surprise gifts on special occasions. He delivers her to a Mansion of Pleasure where four beautiful young women bath and groom her although no one will tell what she is being groomed for. Eventually she discovers he has made enabled a long time sexual fantasy of hers to come to life. She is seduced by pleasure. Everyone is happy in the end.

The third story concerns a young woman working the late shift at a megacorp who begins to ride the company buses. From the first day, she is touched in an increasingly familiar manor. Over six days she mentally resists but physically accommodates her violators. Each day she has a plan to thwart her violators but each day takes more steps to enabler who ever is violating her. The ending is a surprise. Her seduction is by strangers.

Romans et littérature
17 janvier
C.W. Richards

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