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Following the international success of Haunted From Within, Haunted From Without is the latest thought-provoking medical thriller from Ian C.P. Irvine.

This Free ebook is Part One of Two Parts. To conclude the story, readers must source and read Book Two in the series.

Based upon a real life mystery, Haunted From Without will make you question the meaning of life itself. It will shock you, scare you and have you turning the pages until late into the night.

Haunted From Without is a unique combination of medical thriller, conspiracy thriller, mystery, detective fiction and ghost story.

With several stories that twist and turn together, culminating in an ending you will not predict, Haunted From Without will keep you riveted to your Kindle for hour after hour.

Who are 'the Others'? Why are an increasing number of people throughout the world developing the ability to see and speak with the dead?

Why have a farmers' guild from Iowa secretly enlisted the help of Scottish reporter Peter Nicolson? If they are correct, is the world stumbling blindly into a disaster that could threaten the survival of the human race? And what is contained within the missing 'GM File' that threatens to destroy some of the world's most powerful companies? To what lengths will these companies go to prevent Peter Nicolson uncovering the truth and publishing it to the world?

Who has kidnapped the Scottish teenager Debbie McCrae? Will she manage to escape, or will she be killed by her mysterious abductor?

What is the secret that Susie's dad tried to tell her as he died? And who is the mysterious Timothy?

Can Peter Nicolson help stop the biggest terrorist attack the world has ever seen and prevent the destruction of the city of London?

Will Peter Nicolson meet Maciek, his nemesis and erstwhile saviour? And if he does, who will survive?

To find the answers to all these questions and more, download Haunted From Without today, find a comfortable seat, and forget about doing anything else for the next few days!

Happy Reading!
(But don't switch the light off… you don't know who might be watching you!)

Policier et suspense
11 mai
Ian C.P. Irvine

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